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Divine Transformation

This is our peak transformation service.

It’s time to make a change & level up your life! Let’s your heart and start living your authentic truth and in alignment with your Higher Self/Purpose!

If you:
* are sick of playing small.
* want to embody your spiritual practice.
* want to release limiting beliefs that hold you back. 
* need to create more balance, peace and joy daily. 
* feel lost and directionless. 
* no longer want to be on autopilot, just watching the world go by.
* get drained constantly by people and world events. 
* feel like the people in your world don’t understand or truly see you.
* feel disconnected and out of alignment. 

Then this transformational mentorship package is for you. It includes:
* 1 on 1 guidance calls. 
* Akashic/tarot readings.
* support & accountability as you navigate a through your spiritual evolution.
* 24hr support by text or email.
* safety while moving through your ascension challenges, assisting you with levelling up.
* tools & skills for you to crush limiting beliefs.
* hold you accountable to your Higher Self & higher vision. 
* creating a safe, supportive container for your dreams, your goals and you’re most authentic expression.

This coaching package was created to transform how you view yourself and how you view your life. Guiding and teaching you to step into your power, truth and alignment with the highest vision and self available! 

Traditional Library

Ready for Divine
in your life!?

Pop-up & Event
Transformational Tarot Readings

I've studied Tarot for the majority of my life (10+ years) and it's a useful tool for seeing into the unknown all around us. This service is available for in-person events ONLY. 

If you would like me to work at your event please send me an email with "Pop-up" or "Tarot Event" in the subject box.

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Prism on Hand

Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Record is a divine library of light where all information about your spirit is held. It is a deeper reflecting on souls journey and spiritual growth. Accelerated healing, self understanding and insight can be found in the Record!


100+ visits to the Records for my lovely friends and clients has taught me a very unique way of working with the Records! Using my personal prayer, unique style and allowance in the Record, I'll lead you on an exciting, healing journey you'll not soon forget!


Examples of things to look at in the Akashic Records:

^ You're deeply curious about past lives.

^ You have repeating patterns with love and relationships.

^ Looking at blockages that hinder your progress.

^ You're curious about your souls life path.

^ Want to look at your family karma and why you were born into that particular group.

^ Are going through a transitional period of life and need guidance.

^ Planning on making a big life change.

^ Any career or life path wonderings.

^ You're interested in learning your specific manifestation method.

^ Abundance or karmic specific readings to help propel yourself forwards! 

Manicured Hands
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About Me

​My name is Shea Carnegie (founder of Amethyst Minds). The founder, teacher and reader.

We are all alchemists in our own worlds. What does it mean to "alchemize" in this context? We transform the darkness into light, pain into joy and fear into love. This is the alchemzation of the Cosmic Soul. Reconnecting and remembering your Cosmic Soul means returning to a place of total connection, love and sovereignty, now doesn't that sound nice?

I've been in these same places of pain and hopeless before. After surviving a decade of drug abuse, including all the trauma that comes along with that certain lifestyle, I pulled myself out of the darkness and found my light. I've traveled far and wide to find the "broken" pieces of myself and find out what was "wrong" with me... only to discover I've been whole, complete and worthy all along.

Now I'm so passionate about teaching you how to find your truest, most vibrant, amazing self! To show you the same things I've learned and teach you to heal - through whatever modality serves you best.

My goal is to equip you with what you need long term so you feel confident standing in sovereignty on your own two feet!

  I'm trained in Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkies Master Life Coaching. I've had the pleasure of training with beautiful and powerful spiritual mentors and teachers. Tarot cards, speaking to animals, and visits to the Fairy dimension is where I got started from a young age and I've been building on that knowledge/expanding ever since! 

These offerings are just some of the ways I have dedicated my life to helping and teaching people heal, transmute their pain and BECOME THEIR OWN DAMN ALCHEMIST!!

 I'm so grateful you're here and I can't wait to show you the magic you've had all along!


Shea Carnegie of Amethyst Minds

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We'd love to hear from you!
Questions, concerns, which service to choose or whatever else you may need!


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