Nikki P.

In my experience, Shea is genuinely and immensely intuited. Her ability to tap-in from a safe, authentic place allows her to offer guidance that is extraordinary, personal, and unique. With her as your guide whether it be tarot, akashic, or reiki energy work - with Shea you’re in good hands. She approaches each session with an open mind and heart, judgement free, putting you at ease as a client. Choosing the right guide when stepping into energy healing is tantamount. I know I will be a client of hers for many years to come. 

Jay M.

Coming from a pseudo-religious background, where I was placed in a Christian school and sent to church on Sunday’s, I was very skeptical of the spiritual world. I met Shea in a way that it seemed the universe wanted to shatter those preconceptions. Shea did exactly that. My mind was absolutely blown during her fun, encouraging, and wildly accurate card reading. Since that moment I have delved deeper into the spiritual world and my life has improved 10fold. Shea is in may opinion, an authority in the realm of the universe and I’m glad I met her at ‘ground level’ because she’s going to be very hard to get a hold of!

Victoria P.

I have had multiple readings with Shea. Each time they were clear, powerful, and highly intuitive. She has such a great relation to her cards and guides, which creates an amazing safe space for messages and guidance to come through during your time with her. Shea never has made me feel judged, no matter the questions or outcome. Finding a spiritual healer that you can trust and feel connected to is a huge step, an important step, in starting one’s spiritual journey. Shea is a genuine light worker that I would recommend to anyone. Whether it’s through energy work or tarot, she has such a wealth of knowledge and talent, that it takes any session from 0 to 100 real quick, in the best way possible. I would encourage anyone, new or seasoned in their journey, to reach out to her. I know that I will keep her as one of my healers for many years to come.


I went to Shea last year when I was feeling really lost with my future. Her Akashic and Tarot readings definitely gave me a lot of comfort and allowed me to relax and understand that the universe has a plan for me. She was right! Everything I was working so hard on came into place and I didn't need to be stressing on it. She is great to talk too when you are feeling like the universe is giving you mixed messages. She is very intuitive and great to have a good laugh with. 


My Akashic Records session with Shea was both enlightening and life-changing. My soul and consciousness were opened to new experiences and lessons from my past and potential implications for my future. The 90 minute session flew by, however, Shea was very detailed and at no point did I feel rushed to wrap up. I’ve since gone back and re-listened to our session, and new nuggets of wisdom have emerged. I highly recommend Shea - she is so kind, authentic and caring in her approach. 


Shea's content has been such a great eye opener for me and have become curious on Akashic Records. I do not regret it at all and she opened up my records with passion, peace and non judgmental. I highly recommend her without a doubt. She was on target and on point and felt like if she knew me and my life. Everything was aligned. This experience could not have been much better without Shea's greatest gift and services.  Everything was beautiful, with intense and deep connection. I would do this again with Shea. There were a lot of happy tears.


Shea did a fantastic job really engaging with me and understanding my situation.  She was extremely thorough and clear what she saw and gave me guidance how to approach my next move.  It was an awesome encounter and I highly recommend her services if you’re open to her uncover your destiny! 

Lisa H.

I've never worked with a "life coach" in my life. When I met Shea I was very lost and had idea what I was doing with my life. 

Now it's been 3 sessions and I'm feeling bright and hopeful about my future! She helped me to realize I had some blocks and judgments about going back to school at my age and after clearing those, I can say I feel lighter and more focused than ever.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about her coaching! I love that she integrates Akashic and Tarot and really calls on and speaks to your spirit.

10 out of 10 would recommend


I had Shea join me for a home clearing and it was magic. The house feels so much better now and the energy is flowing. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Lauren P.

Shea, you went above and beyond my expectations. I appreciate your authenticity and straightforwardness. My Akashic records reading was not just insightful but helped me understand some of the more challenging relationships in my life. You went beyond my expectations by helping me heal and clear out energies. I’m so grateful and I’ve already started recommending you to my friends. I will definitely book another session again soon. Thank you so much!

This was my first experience with Shea and Akashic record,  so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I instantly got a great vibe from Shea just in our initial DM on Instagram. 

She put me at ease and really was spot in with being able to look at deep personal   heavy family issues I have going on. I felt so clear, and had such clarity and direction afterward. Her honestly and genuine gifts help  center my path for a few parts of my life.  Shea was so supportive with so much I have going on. She looked at it all for me. Shes so insightful and honest.  I’m already noticing some of her visions happening for me. I can’t wait to do this again in a few months.  I really recommend trying this with her. It was life changing.

The first time I had an Akashic Reading with Shea, it blew my mind. It was totally not what I expected but somehow exactly what I needed. She's funny and genuine and kind. My second Akashic Reading we got into the deep stuff. The trauma and the things that even I had forgotten about. I couldn't believe some of the things she knew. I will be a client for life and if you're on the fence about a reading - better act fast! Because she's the real deal and she's going great places!

Sharon M.

Carly B.